In Memory Home

(From left to right) My sister Aranka, Me, my Mother, Rebbetzin Rozsi Rosenfeld holding my baby brother, Victor, my sister Valerie in front of my brother, Andor, my father Rabbi Salomon Rosenfeld, my brother Sandor, and my sister, Iren. 


A collage and map of my country.


Rabbi Salomon Rosenfeld


Rebbetzin Rozsi Rosenfeld
(left and above) My father, Rabbi Salomon Rosenfeld and my mother, Rebbetzin Rozsi Rosenfeld (36 years old).
Abraham Rosenfeld




(left) My father's father, Abraham Rosenfeld.  He was also a Rabbi.  This photo was taken in the early 1920's.



My brother, Andor (left)


This is me (far right) after Liberation.


Eva Brown 19 years old
Erno Brown
This is me when I was 19 years old.
This is my husband, Erno when he was 33 years old.


Erno and me on our front lawn in Los Angeles, 1952.



My sister Iren, my Father, my husband, Erno and me



My husband, Erno, me, and our daughters Sandra and Nancy



Me at the Wailing Wall in Israel


Me at the military cemetery in Tel-Avi where my brother, Sandor, is buried


My father's grave


My husband, Erno and me preparing for Seder


My husband's cousin, Laci, and me



My sisters, Aranka (left) and Iren with me
re-united after 35 years.

My daughter, Sandy, at her wedding. From Left to Right: my daughter, Nancy, Steve, Sandy, Me, and Erno.

My granddaughter, Kim, (left) and my daughter, Nancy